How It Works

PayAccSys provide its client with a complete database on payment history of all transactions with full security audit trail and the facility to import or export data in an electronic format.

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A payment file is generated by the clients’ accounting or payroll software or one can be prepared in Excel and imported into the PayAccSys front-end software. The system then runs a validation on the account numbers and branch codes. The verified and authorised information is the uploaded via our secure web based front end to the PayAccSys Data Centre (SmartPay) for distribution into the beneficiary bank accounts.


  • Enhanced security
  • Create payments in real time
  • Monitor payments in real time
  • Query payments in real time
  • Immediate account validation
  • Notification of rejected payments
  • Unlimited history of transactions
  • Low transaction fees

  • Data is easily managed, fully secure and works with any payroll or accounting system
  • Data can be imported via a CSV file in any format.
  • Enhances security by separating data from funds, so staff does not have to access bank accounts
  • By separating data and funds, errors can still be corrected before batches are processed
  • Data can be submitted and funds can be transferred from many different bank accounts to match totals
  • Cost savings, bulk processing is cheaper and more cost effective than normal bank EFTs
  • All payments reflects in the recipients’ accounts on the same day irrespective of which bank they have an account with
  • Eliminates the risk of having cash at your premises.

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